Guidelines & Homework



Be SAT Wise is an SAT prep created by HS Teachers. We run our classes the same as good teachers run their classroom...with a lot of tough love! The SAT is a  very tough test! Students will only increase their scores  if they put effort into the class. Being a warm body in a class is meaningless and a waste of the students’ time & the parents’ money. For maximum benefit students need to be actively engaged in the instruction.


  1. Listen to the teacher all the time, do the assigned work, follow along with the class.
  2. Do the suggested nightly homework, follow the “homework guide”(emailed to parents with a hard copy given to students on the first night of class),
  3. Time yourself for each section, check your answers, try to figure out wrong answers, bring difficult questions to your SAT teacher.
  4. Bring your book & all materials to class each night
  5. Don’sit beside your friends if you will be tempted to chit chat
  6. Don’t listen to music, send text messages or socialize with other students
  7. Ask questions, get involved.
  8. Be on time for class
  9. Attend all practice tests. Students can attend any practice in any location regardless of where they take the class. Bring your book to the Practice Tests, a #2 (ticonderoga works well) pencil & a calculator. Do not use a mechanical pencil, they do not scan predictably.
  10. IMMERSE yourself in SATs for these 4give it as much time as you can, it will be worth it if you can get your best possible score!
  11. Take the actual SAT test right after the class
  12. If you have any questions or issues about your class, please do not hesitate to Call Us @ (951) 781-9802 or E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Discipline Policy:

This class is taught by experienced teachers, who are handpicked because of their knowledge & skills in classroom instruction and classroom management. Our SAT prep is taught like any subject in school and the expectations are the same as in a regular classroom: listen to the teacher and do the required work.


Class Expectations For Students:

  • Listen to the teacher & follow along when he/she is instructing. Do the work required by the teacher.
  • No use of cell phones for text messaging or otherwise
  • No ipods or music in ears
  • No socializing with other students


Consequences For Inappropriate Behavior

Students will be given a verbal warning. If the behavior persists the student will be asked to leave the class and the tuition will be returned (pro-rated).

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