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Our History & Approach

Be SAT Wise (formerly Be College Wise), is teacher created and teacher driven SAT & ACT prep company.  Both our weekend SAT & ACT prep classes - called Bootcamps - and our 3&4 week SAT classes are the least expensive in Southern California. We use College Board materials (click here to learn more about the College Board) to build a comprehensive SAT prep program designed around the learning styles of high school students.  The College Board is the sponsor and administrator of the SAT test - so make sure you become very familiar with this company. Our mock SAT tests are from The Official SAT Study Guide by the College Board. Any other mock practice tests are "garbage & useless", says Mike Barrett, author of the SAT Prep Black Book.

We use ACT, Inc. materials to build our comprehensive ACT Prep Program.  We use only ACT. Inc. mock exams to prep students for the actual ACT test. Any other mock practice tests are "garbage & useless", says Mike Barrett, author of the ACT Prep Black Book.

If you and your child are serious about a 4 year college, then you must become very familiar wtih both The College Board and ACT Inc.

A good --> very good score on etiher the SAT or the ACT (better yet on both!) plays a very important role in the college admissions process.

A great score on the SAT is 1400+.

A great score on the ACT is 30+


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How We Teach

  • Interactive Classroom +

    The Be SAT Wise program is designed to model an interactive classroom. We use direct instruction, guided practice, group & individual work. Since we score our own tests/mock exams, we are able to point out students’ simple bubbling errors as well as emphasizing the importance of prudent test taking strategies. We also listen to our students. At the end of each 4-week class, students fill out a course and instructor evaluation. The program is modified continually based on valuable student suggestions.
  • Live, Sleep, Breathe....SAT! +

    We practice the “immersion” philosophy of education. Our 4-week course ends just before the SAT test. During the weeks preceding the test we encourage the students to practice, practice, practice….live, eat, sleep,breathe and dream SAT questions! Students are recommended to do 30 minutes of practice per night. To facilitate this we provide the students with a homework log. We highly promote parent involvement in the practice process. We welcome parents to the very beginning of our first session to hear our educational model and encourage their children to put as much effort as possible during the next 4-weeks. SATs are as important as grades for some colleges! It is worth the effort!
  • College Board Materials +

    The use of the College Board materials gives our students the advantage of practicing with curriculum that has been used on previous actual SAT tests. Students are working math problems, practicing grammar usage, analyzing reading passages, and using essay prompts that have been used on prior tests. All our mock exams/ full-length practice tests were recently administered as real SATs. This technique alone differentiates us from our major competitors, most of whom write their own tests. Because of copyright laws they cannot use even ONE real SAT question, never mind a whole test!
  • Tough Love +

    We teach our classes the same way all good teachers conduct their classrooms, with good old fashioned "tough love". We expect our students to remain on task at all times; pay attention to the instructor and do the assigned work. We do not allow cell phones, iPods, or socializing in class. Any inappropriate behavior will be gently but firmly redirected. If not corrected, the student will be asked to leave and we will refund the tuition. Our students are giving up a most valuable asset, their time; they have the right to have an orderly and controlled learning environment! It is our responsibility to provide this for them.
  • Curriculum Content +

    The math portion of the curriculum was designed by our Director, Gemma Nohilly who taught SAT Prep at UCLA. The curriculum therefore follows that design, which concentrates on common question types, which do repeat on the SAT. The English curriculum was designed by John Rockwell, Val Verde USD AP English Teacher and Lake Elsinore USD AP English Teacher, Christina Lofquist.
  • Endorsement by the Academic Community +

    Be College Wise is supported and recognized by local administrators, counselors and university academia as a successful and reputable program and company. Be College Wise has been contracted with UCR, CSUSB and Chaffey College for their Federal Upward Bound Programs and they were invited to present several times to UCR Summer Academy for Advanced High School Students.
  • Results +

    Our average increase for students who take our 4 week SAT prep course is 250 points. One student increased her score so dramatically (by 590 points) that the CollegeBoard delayed releasing her score by two weeks to do an integrity check! If students follow our recommendations, pay attention in class and engage in the program,they are sure to see results!
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